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welcome to my profile HI directioners!~MRS.STYLES;} ~One Direction Gif by KamiGomezLovatoCyrusI love blue eyes stamp by RogueLottieI love mustaches Stamp by TheBaileyMonster


for christmas i got their album take me home!!<3:iconyesyesplz:
I can't wait to go back to school!i'm sure we all miss someone right now:iconwinkwinkplz:.And mostly because home is boring!:iconimdeadplz:

_My directioner quiz_

1).When are all their birthday's?*day,month,year*:
:iconharrystylesplz::iconsaysplz:February,1st,1994 making him the youngest memeber of 1D.His star sign is Aquarius.
:iconlouistomlinsonplz::iconsaysplz:December,24th,1991.He is the oldest memeber of 1D.His star sign is Capricorn.
:iconniallhoranplz::iconsaysplz:September,13th,1993.Just like Liam,he's a Virgo.
:iconzaynmalikplz::iconsaysplz:January,12th,1993.Just like Louis,he's a Capricorn.
:iconliampayneplz::iconsaysplz:August,29th,1993.His star sign is Virgo.
2).In 2013,Niall is going to get surgery,after the world tour,why is he going to get surgery?:he is on cruches because he tore his meniscus:iconimcryingplz:
3).When did the hit album"up all night"release?:March,20th,2012.
4).What are there favorite songs from their NEWEST album"take me home"?
:iconharrystylesplz::iconsaysplz:little things+heart attack
:iconlouistomlinsonplz::iconsaysplz:over you(but often changes his mind)
:iconniallhoranplz::iconsaysplz:last first kiss
:iconzaynmalikplz::iconsaysplz:kiss you
:iconliampayneplz::iconsaysplz:little things+summer love
5).true or false:Liam taught Zayn how to dance?:TRUE.
6).How many sibblings do they have?*names,quantity,age e.t.c*
:iconharrystylesplz::iconsaysplz: 1 sister:Gemma:age: (21)
:iconlouistomlinsonplz::iconsaysplz:4 sisters:Felicite:age: (13),Lottie:age: (11),twins Daisy and Phobe:age(7).
:iconniallhoranplz::iconsaysplz:1 brother:Greg(24/25).
:iconliampayneplz::iconsaysplz:2 older sisters:Ruth and Nicola:ages:23 and 21.
:iconzaynmalikplz::iconsaysplz:3 sisters: Doniya:age: (20),Waliyha:age: (11),and Safaa:age: (7).
7).true or false:Niall is left handed?:TRUE.
i don't know if most diretioners like harry as much as i do..but
are you harry's perfect match?
(x)i love dinner dates
(x)i'll try anything once
(x)i talk to my mom everyday
(x)i'm totally outgoing
(x)my fave activity?flirting!
(x)i like sensitive boys
(x)i love to laugh out loud
results:if u answered 4 or more,you're totally harry's dream girl.If you checked 3 or less,you and harry are better as friends for now.

Don't worry,i'll be back later every week to share new ideas with you!
well that's it directioners!merry late christmas and rock out to the new 2013 year!:iconbyeplz:

Gif One Direction by iSmilerPeanut:thumb158660993:
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  • Playing: sudoku
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  • Drinking: water


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